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Are you tired of earning chump change as writer? Sick of being exploited by content mills or sleazy self publishing companies? Are you tired of feeling like your blogs posts reach an audience of one? Stop settling. Instead, start growing your freelance writing, indie publishing, or blogging business today. If your goal is to make a real living from your writing, you've come to the right place.

All Indie Writers is a business hub for serious, professional, independent writers who want to make a living freelance writing, blogging, or publishing their own books.

My name is Jennifer Mattern. I'm an experienced freelance writer, professional blogger, and indie author. And I've fought in your corner, called out BS spewed to manipulate new writers, and helped fellow indie writers make smarter business decisions since 2006.* At All Indie Writers you'll find not only a supportive community but also an active blog, writers' podcast, freelance writing job board, writer's market directory, and an ever-growing collection of tools and resources.

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*Under All Indie Writers' former brand, All Freelance Writing. The site was re-branded during a merger of three of my writing-related websites in 2013.

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Here are some of the most recent updates from the All Indie Writers blog covering freelance writing, self publishing, and blogging. Here you'll find freelance writing advice, book marketing tips, productivity and organization tips for writers, ideas to help you make money blogging, information on growing your blog readership, and more.

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Why Should You Join All Indie Writers?

You won't be coddled here. But you will find help when you need it. You won't get a pat on the back for sticking with the status quo. But if you fall in the pursuit of something better, you'll find a hand willing to help you back up so you can try again. All Indie Writers is one part encouragement and one part kick in the pants when you need it. We all do from time to time.

Successful writing careers come to those who work hard for them. All Indie Writers exists to help you navigate the business side of building your writing career. And you'll have access to plenty of tools and resources along the way. The best part? Most of these resources are 100% free. That includes the writing forums, several online tools and downloadable templates, a freelance writing job board, freelance writers' market directory, some free e-books, and frequent blog posts.

Why is so much available for free? All Indie Writers is about uplifting indie writers more than upselling. When you’re ready to invest in taking things a step further, you will still find premium resources here, like the freelance writer directory. You just won’t be nickel-and-dimed for every little thing along the way.

What's even better than free stuff and a great writing community? You'll realize that you can make a good living as a writer while still having fun! It doesn’t matter if your focus is landing freelance writing gigs, becoming an indie author, or making some serious scratch with your blogs. If you're interested in building a successful independent writing career, you’re bound to find something here that will help.

What Are You Waiting For?

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