30 Day Marketing Bootcamp for Freelance Writers – Day 17

on September 29, 2009 in Marketing, News & Updates

You've already created and released a free e-book or report to bring attention to your professional website and demonstrate authority status in your niche. Today let's expand upon that by looking at additional freebies you can use in promoting your services. You're also going to be doing some more blog commenting today.


Freebies are fantastic ways to set yourself apart from competitors. They entice people to link to you and talk about you. They get prospective clients to think about you whenever they use or download those freebies. They show that you really know what people want or need in the niche. There isn't necessarily one best type of freebie to give away. That can vary with your niche. Today you're going to brainstorm some ideas and get started on releasing them.


  1. First I want you to post 10 blog comments on related niche blogs (preferably ones written by or frequented by members of your target market). Make sure your comments include a link to your professional site and don't post comments unless they actually add to the conversation.
  2. Think about your niche or specialty area. Think about your target market. What kinds of tools or resources would really be of interest to them. Brainstorm a list of ideas for things you could create and release as simple freebies. For example, I'm a press release writer, so I've released several types of press release templates. You could create templates, online tools or calculators, samples people can model projects after, etc. As I mentioned on my 30 ways to build a writer platform post, another example would to release a fitness calendar or planner if you're a health and fitness writer.
  3. Start working on creating one or two of these small projects. You'd be surprised how many simple templates and such can be whipped up in no more than an hour. Because everyone's choices will be different, we won't cover them again here. But keep working on them until you get to three freebies you can release in addition to your free report / e-book.
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