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30 Day Marketing Bootcamp for Freelance Writers – Day 18

on September 30, 2009 in Marketing, News & Updates

Today we're going to move on to another element of building your writer platform -- making yourself available to the media and niche sites or publications. If you began creating new freebies yesterday, you should continue with those daily as well until they're ready to be released on your site or blog.


Previously we talked about blog tours and guest posts and how exposure on niche sites can be good for business as a freelance writer. It helps build your authority status. That, in turn, can make you a go-to source for prospective clients. You can do the same thing (and often more effectively) by offering yourself up as an expert source in your niche or industry to members of the media. In other words, rather than writing guest submissions for them you'll offer quotes or interviews. Today we'll look at some free tactics for getting your name out there as an expert source.


  1. Sign up as a source with Help a Reporter Out (HARO). When you do, you'll receive emails listing reporter requests for information. If you see a request within your specialty area that you're qualified to address, you can then contact that reporter to offer yourself as a source for the article or other piece they're creating.
  2. If you're on Twitter, follow @ExpertTweet. Expert Tweet is a Twitter application that lets journalists post their expert source or info requests to the Expert Tweet community via Twitter. By following them, you'll see those requests in real time, and you can respond to offer yourself as a source.
  3. Brainstorm two or three mid to large-sized publications or websites that you would love to be interviewed for or cited in. Think of a few timely issues in your niche and put together short pitches to send them. Just shoot the story idea over and explain your credentials. Let them know you'd be happy to talk to them about the topic if they need quotes or other information.
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