30 Day Marketing Bootcamp for Freelance Writers – Day 28

on October 15, 2009 in Marketing, News & Updates

Your e-book is complete. Your sales page is written. Now it's time to think about how you'll deliver the e-book and collect payments. That's your task for today, and we'll look at two options.


  1. Personally I recommend using E-junkie to sell your e-book. Unlike other options they secure the delivery for you (you don't have to worry about people passing around the download link or finding the download page via Google without paying). Other things I love about E-junkie are that you can choose to limit downloads (each person gets a unique download link and they can only use it once -- or however many times you choose) and that you can use discount codes if you want to run a sale or promotion. You'll be able to accept paypal and other payment types through them, so no need to worry about restricting buyers. You can sign up for E-junkie with a one week free trial. After that, the service costs $5 per month (for selling up to 10 products or up to 50 mb of storage space). Go ahead and try it. Add your product and give it a test run. If you don't like it, just be sure to cancel during the trial.
  2. If you already know you don't want to use E-junkie, you might opt to simply use a Paypal buy now button to take Paypal, credit card, and e-check payments. Just go into Paypal and look in the merchant services area to setup your buy now button and get the code. You'll add that code to the bottom of your sales page, allowing people to buy. You could either opt to manually deliver the e-book after payment (not recommended) or you can setup a simple download page with your download link. When going through the Paypal setup process, you'll have the option to direct people to a specific page / URL after buying. You'll direct them to your download page to give them instant delivery. The problem with this is that once someone has the URL, they can pass it along to others who don't pay for the e-book and you'll have to set it up so that search engines can't crawl or index the page if you go this route.
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