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Welcome to All Indie Writers. I'm Jenn Mattern, and I've been helping freelance writers since 2006. Want to land high-paying freelance copywriting clients? Want to earn a living as a freelance blogger? Want to attract freelance writing clients rather than always seeking them out? I can help you learn the business and marketing skills you need to build a successful freelance writing business. Not sure where to get started? Read the blog. Check out the freelance writing job board. Or register (it's free) to join the forum and get your freelance writing questions answered.

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Calculate your minimum freelance writing rates or rates to reach any income goal with this free dual-mode freelance rate calculator.

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Find out what you really earned on a freelance writing project by breaking down your tasks. This calculator helps you set more realistic rates.

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From the Freelance Writing Blog

Review of Peter Bowerman’s Well-Fed Craft

Review of Peter Bowerman's Well-Fed Craft: The Fast Track to Marketing-Writing Mastery You may be familiar with Peter Bowerman from his Well-Fed Writer book or blog. For years his book has been my top recommended reading material for new freelance writers....

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How Writers Can Prepare Now for a Productive New Year

I don't know about you, but I am so done with 2016. One more week of work for me, and then I'm off until January. When I come back from my holiday vacation, I like to hit the ground running with my work. Everything is planned, organized and ready to go before that...

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From the Community:

If I’m looking for fresh, no-BS perspectives on writing blogging and publishing, Jenn Mattern’s All Indie Writers is my first port of call.

I’ve been reading AIW from the beginning and I always find something of value there. Jenn and her contributors tell it like it is, refusing to sugar-coat the realities of the writing and publishing life.

In addition, it’s a good place to look for trusted recommendations on tools that will help you to be a more productive and better organized writer and self-publisher. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Sharon Hurley Hall

Jenn Mattern continues to amaze me with the depth of her knowledge about writing and about building and maintaining a web presence. I count on the accuracy of her information. I enjoy her complete answers to questions. Jenn’s tops in my book.

Anne Wayman
About Freelance Writing

When I first met Jenn I was an experienced writer but completely rudderless when it came to successfully marketing my business. Within a few short months she helped me to transform my brand and improve my copywriting skills. I’d followed so-called experts for years, wasting money and going nowhere. However, with Jenn, I finally got the real deal. She’s direct, firm and takes no nonsense, which is just what you need to truly succeed.

Edward Beaman

All Indie Writers and its creator, Jenn Mattern, have been an incredibly supportive and helpful resource for my freelance writing business. I believe that the information I've gotten there has added value to my writing career in so many immeasurable ways. Mattern knows her stuff. She's got the years of hands on experience to back it all up. Best of all, she has the quickest bullshit detector in the industry and she's not afraid to use it.

Princess Jones

When I started devoting more time to my freelance writing business nearly a decade ago, All Indie Writers was one of the first websites I started to read. Through the site, through the years, I have learned so much valuable information. Things that have made me think more about what I was doing and how I was doing it. In my view Jenn Mattern is a leading global voice for the freelance community. I feel fortunate to be a reader and to have benefited from her wise content. I feel even more fortunate to call her a colleague and friend.

Dann Alexander
Author of Planned UnParenthood

All Indie Writers is my go-to site for many reasons, but mostly because of Jenn’s talent for building and maintaining a successful freelance writing business. No erroneous information here – Jenn knows her stuff and practices what she preaches. What’s more, Jenn tells you what you need to hear – no sugar-coating or hand-holding, but honest, helpful advice that comes from her wealth of experience. I learn something new every day from Jenn, and if you’re paying attention, you will, too.

Lori Widmer
Words on the Page

Jennifer has been an inspiration to me and my freelance writing career since the first day I started following her work. She's an experienced freelance writer with many other skills at her disposal, which is simply magnificent. If you are a new or even experienced freelance writer looking to improve your skills and knowledge, learning from the best, I highly recommend that you follow Jennifer.

Ruan Oosthuizen
Search Vector Media

"When I started my own business in 2008, Jennifer (Jenn) Mattern was someone I found to be a great resource for learning about a freelance writing career. Her expertise and 'tell it like it is' attitude is a blessing I was thankful to discover."

Cathy Miller
Simply Stated Business

Latest Freelance Writing Jobs

Digital Journalist For Films

Date Added: 01/04/2017

Job Category: Newspaper & Magazine Writing

Hiring Company: Varied Films

Location: United States

Local candidates only? Yes

Budget (per post / page / document): $50 - 100 (SEMI-PRO)


I'm looking for a creative film writer with connections to niche film publications. We are a film distribution company and we are looking for an entry point in the niche.


film writing and entertainment experience

How to Apply

email me with portfolio and your places where you can get published