Advertising Policies

Affiliate Link Policy / Ad Disclosure

Private Ad Policy

All Indie Writers currently does not accept private advertising. That includes private text link ads sitewide or within content, banner ads, or sponsored posts. Please do not contact me about private advertising, sponsorship, or equivalent partnership opportunities.

Ad Network Policy

At times, we might include advertisements from third party ad networks such as Google Adsense. These ads are generally contextual ads, and we do not have full control over what displays. For example, if a post is about invoicing software, you might see related ads about invoicing software and services.

These ads can also be controlled by your own browsing behavior where Google shows ads relevant to your interests and recent searches even if they’re not relevant to the content on our pages. For example, if you’ve been searching for a new car, you might find auto-related ads. Again, we do not have full control over these ads and they are not hand-picked by us.

As a result of the nature of these contextual ads, no ad displaying in their results constitutes a personal endorsement by All Indie Writers, Jennifer Mattern, 3 Beat Media, or any contributor to the site.

Affiliate Link Policy

Some posts on All Indie Writers contain affiliate links which help to monetize the blog. Affiliate links are included under the following terms:

  1. Any review containing affiliate links will be a completely honest review. I don’t write glowing reviews just to push sales. I’ll generally include both positive elements of a product as well as suggestions for improvement if I find faults.
  2. If I would not be willing to genuinely recommend a product overall, then no affiliate links will be used in the post.
  3. Posts containing affiliate links will contain a disclaimer at the top of the post or within the post content located near the links.
  4. If an affiliate product was given to me for free for review, a notice will be placed at the top of the post or within the content of the post.

Note that these terms apply to affiliate text links within the content of posts. There may also be affiliate-linked image ads with some posts (only where the ad is relevant to something in the post). As these are obvious ads and not text links embedded within the content (which could be otherwise misleading) a notice will not be placed at the top of a post noting affiliate ads are present if only an image ad below the post exists. If both text links and a banner are present, the notice will appear.

Last updated June 7, 2014.