Author: Jennifer Mattern

  • Bree Brouwer on Choosing Her Freelance Writing Specialty

    By Jennifer Mattern on July 29, 2016
    Freelance specialization is something I've been passionate about for years. I've said it before to new freelance writers, and I'll probably say it countless times again, but: "Clients don't pay top freelance writing rates because you can string sentences together; they pay the best rates when you bring valuable knowledge and insight to the table." That's why specialists often earn […]
  • Risks and Rewards When Writers Share Personal Stories Online

    By Jennifer Mattern on July 27, 2016
      In the most recent All Indie Writers Podcast, Princess Jones stopped by again. This time we chatted about writers sharing personal information and stories online (or in books in some cases). Are there any benefits to opening up to your readers? What are the risks? And when does being open turn into oversharing? These are some of the questions […]
  • Ask Us Anything: Taking Questions for Next Week’s Podcast

    By Jennifer Mattern on July 15, 2016
    This weekend Princess Jones and I will finish recording a podcast episode on writers sharing personal information on blogs, in books, and in social media. And we need your input! The episode will go into the benefits of opening up (such as building community), the risks (such as safety concerns), and then we're answering a series of questions from readers […]
  • Catch Up on Recent Writing Podcast Episodes

    By Jennifer Mattern on July 8, 2016
    In the past, I've published blog posts to announce each podcast episode. But I haven't done that lately. So today I'd like to go back and introduce you to some of the episodes you may have missed if you don't subscribe to the podcast itself. You can learn more about, or listen to, the six most recent episodes below: Ep. […]
  • Wendy Komancheck on Choosing Her Freelance Writing Specialty

    By Jennifer Mattern on July 7, 2016
    Recently we've been looking at the issue of specialization for freelance writers. John Soares and I covered the issue on the podcast, and we kicked off a blog series where freelance writers talk about their own specialties, how they market themselves, and how new freelancers can do the same. Today we're going to continue with that series with landscape writer, Wendy Komancheck. […]
  • An Open Letter on Trust, “Experts,” and Blogging

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 22, 2016
    *Note* This post and podcast episode contain explicit language, as regulars will know pretty much all rants here do. If you don't want to read / listen to that, skip this one. Bloggers. Readers. Friends. We need to talk. Do you know what I love about All Indie Writers readers, including you? You're out there carving your own path, pursuing […]
  • 3 Month Blogging Challenge: The Pre-Launch Plan

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 21, 2016
    When announcing the current three-month blogging challenge where I'll report on progress and stats for a brand new site launch, I mentioned the three-month clock wouldn't start until launch. But that doesn't mean nothing's happening. A lot of pre-launch work goes in on the backend before a new blog launch, and today I'm going to share that plan (plus a […]
  • Get an Inside Look at My Blog Launch Process

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 17, 2016
    You were asked to vote on my next big writing challenge or experiment, and boy did you come through. I'll be honest. I didn't expect much voting given how difficult it was to pull initial ideas out of you. But vote you did. I didn't think we'd hit 50 responses by the end of the day Friday. Instead, you doubled that […]
  • Writing Challenge Survey & a New “Coaching” Series

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 16, 2016
    Two bits of news to share today: Writing suggestion challenges (asked for recently on the blog) have come in, and the survey is now live for voting. Please vote. Votes will close at the end of my work day Friday as long as there's no tie and we hit at least 50 responses (we're almost there already, so that's not […]
  • Journalists & PR Pros Go Head-to-Head

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 14, 2016
    Journalists. Public relations professionals. Frenemies of the highest order. No doubt you've seen journalists and bloggers complain about bad PR pitches. You may have even seen them here (like this lazy pitch from Upwork). Despite the tendency of writers to call out PR folks, the truth is many of us need them. We need their clients and employers as sources for stories. […]