Productivity & Organization

  • Get Productive and Increase Your Writing Income

    By Angela Booth on March 12, 2013
    The freelance life is complicated. You can get to the end of what seemed like a productive day, and realize that you achieved nothing of major importance. Deadlines are looming, you're not making as much money as you feel you should be making, and you wonder what you're doing wrong. Professional writing used to be much simpler. You got clients, […]
  • Weekend Reading: Time Management

    By Jennifer Mattern on March 8, 2013
    Let's close out this week looking at one of the most important issues to face freelance writers -- time management. There's a reason you have to be fairly well disciplined to succeed at working for yourself. There are countless things that need to be done, and there never seems to be enough time to do it all. The time management […]
  • Gamification: Make Freelance Writing More Fun

    By Jennifer Mattern on February 26, 2013
    In the comments on our recent post about loving your work, Anne Wayman mentioned that she might try to turn some of her marketing into a game. That's something I try to do with my daily work as much as possible too. So I thought it might be fun to look at gamification and how you can gamify your freelance […]
  • 5 Time Management Tools for Freelance Writers

    By Jennifer Mattern on December 8, 2012
    As a freelance writer do you ever feel like you aren't working to your full potential -- that you could get more work done if you could just eliminate some distractions and improve your productivity a bit? Fortunately there are plenty of time management tools that can help you do that. Today I'd like to share some of my favorite […]
  • How to Handle Overbooking Freelance Writing Work

    By Guest on October 16, 2012
    By: Megan Harris I previously talked about why it's a good idea to pursue too many freelance writing jobs. However, what should you do if you overbook yourself as a result of your marketing, pitching and prospecting? You're at a point other freelance writers would envy, so congratulations! The work is coming in and your marketing efforts are paying off. […]
  • A Three Year Publishing Plan

    By Jennifer Mattern on July 10, 2012
    Recently we talked about outlining your writing career. Basically it's about focusing on long-term goals which will ultimately shape your short-term plans (like your weekly to-do list). We talked about how this kind of career outline can benefit writers of all types including authors, bloggers, and freelance writers. After that, I came up with my own three year publishing plan […]
  • Outlining Your Writing Career Path

    By Jennifer Mattern on July 3, 2012
    Recently I was looking over one of my favorite resources on book outlining -- Karen Wiesner's First Draft in 30 Days. Toward the end of the book she has a section on outlining your career as an author, including a one-year plan and multi-year planning. It was a bit of a kick in the pants (given that I forgot this section existed). […]
  • How to Become a "Super Freelancer"

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 26, 2012
    Some work days as freelancers are easy. We wake up ready to face the day. We enjoy the projects we're working on. And everything seems to go as planned. Then there are days when nothing seems to go right. I've had several of these lately -- from backlogged work I'm still trying to catch up on to a neighbor who […]
  • 7 Ways to Double What You Get Done Each Day

    By Jennifer Mattern on May 16, 2012
    Very little hurts a freelance writing business as much as poor productivity. For example, if you feel too overwhelmed with client work, you might run out of time to seek out new clients (leading to a later lack of work). Or you might get so caught up in writing that you neglect important administrative duties. Or you might just work […]
  • Work Smarter: Do Take it Personally

    By Guest on February 28, 2012
    The following is a guest post from Cathy Miller of Simply Stated Business.  -- Some days it seems like everyone has an opinion on how you should work. They tell you - don't take it personally, but you need to work smarter. Well, do take it personally and they're right But, ignore them if it doesn't work for you Only you know […]