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  • Your USP: Stand Out From the Freelance Writing Crowd

    By Jennifer Mattern on February 4, 2015
    If you want to move beyond low paying freelance writing jobs, you need a solid marketing strategy. Where many writers go wrong is putting all of their attention on marketing tactics -- using social networks, guest posting, or writing query letters for example. While tactics are important, you can never use them to their full potential if you don't have an underlying […]
  • Get The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Quality Online Content by Alicia Rades

    By Jennifer Mattern on September 17, 2014
    Everyone thinks they can write for the web these days. But not everyone can do it well. Freelance blogger, Alicia Rades, is an exception. I've been a fan of her style since her own blog first came to my attention. And she was a guest earlier this year at All Indie Writers. Read Alicia's "Discover the 6 Variables to the […]
  • 35 Websites and Blogs Paying $100 Per Article

    By Jennifer Mattern on August 4, 2014
    We're going to mix things up a bit with this week's schedule. Because it took longer than expected to create this newest resource, I didn't publish one last Wednesday as expected. Rather than make you wait until this Wednesday for something new, I'm sharing it with you two days early. Previously I shared two short lists of websites and blogs […]
  • 3 Online Writing Jobs for Local Businesses

    By Jennifer Mattern on May 21, 2013
    One of the biggest benefits of writing for the Web is that it gives freelance writers the ability to work with clients all over the world. These days everything can be done online from invoicing to delivery. But that doesn't mean you have to work with clients outside of your area. Some writers are more comfortable working with local clients, and that's […]
  • Simple SEO Tips for Freelancers

    By Guest on May 1, 2012
    By: Josh Olswanger As freelance writers, entrepreneurs and small business owners, we are constantly finding ways to effectively improve the marketing of our services and products online. Since most of us are not large corporations and cannot afford a team of marketing consultants and employees to do the groundwork for us, learning to formulate and execute new ideas on our […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny – My Favorite Comedy Writing Books

    By Matt Willard on February 24, 2011
    I used several great books to develop my comedy writing skills. I've been using this column to teach you bits and pieces from each of these, along with a mix of my own techniques, but if you want a more in-depth look, here's what I recommend: The Comedy Writing Workbook, by Gene Perret I absolutely adore this book, and if […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny – How To Steal Jokes From Others (Somewhat)

    By Matt Willard on February 10, 2011
    In the world of fiction, copying passages from other stories and trying to publish them as your own is plagarism. In the world of comedy, it's just another way to write. Of course, I don't want you totally ripping off good one-liners verbatim. Instead, the best way to use other people's jokes is as a starting point for your own […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny: Improving Diction of Humor

    By Matt Willard on January 27, 2011
    Humor's on a different level than other forms of writing when it comes to readability. In fiction you can afford to be elaborate, but humor needs to fire right out of the gate or it'll flop. That being said, it's all too easy to pass over unneccessary words that make a joke weaker. How do you catch these? Simple. Just […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny: Poking Fun at Others

    By Matt Willard on January 13, 2011
    One of the best parts about humor writing is that it's a perfectly acceptable way to make fun of people. When you just call someone a moronic, womanizing jerk, that's mean. When you compare someone's love life to a McDonald's takeout lane, that's witty. Of course, you have to be careful of whom you mock. Using a joke like that […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny – The Writing Process

    By Matt Willard on December 16, 2010
    It's been a most triumphant few months doing this column. Over that time, I've covered the basics of comedy writing, talked about ways to integrate humor into forms of writing most freelancer writers are wont to do...I've even covered comedy inspirations from time to time. This time I'd like to give you an insight into how I write all the […]