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  • Make Your Writing Funny – Using (And Not Abusing) Puns

    By Matt Willard on December 7, 2010
    Now, it's often said that puns are the lowest form of comedy. And when you have a friend who is constantly making terrible puns to you like I do, it's easy to agree. And when you come across forum threads and videos of countless David Caruso one-liners, the case for the pun declines quickly. But a clever pun, used sparingly, […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny: Creating Humorous Captions for Pictures

    By Matt Willard on November 18, 2010
    You know, adding the right picture to a blog post makes it look better and helps break up the flow of words into something more pleasing to look at. I'm all for it. But sometimes, don't you think a photo by itself looks kinda...bland? Or you have an outlandish photo and you just can't resist commenting on it? That's when […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny: 4 Tricks To Successfully Write Funny Anecdotes

    By Matt Willard on November 11, 2010
    This week, the A-List Blogging Bootcamp began their six-week camp on writing like an A-List Blogger. The first week is free, and it details how to use personal stories to enhance your blog and make your posts more interesting. But sometimes retelling personal stories can be tricky. Have you ever been involved in a scenario that was so hilarious that […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny: Exaggerating Details

    By Matt Willard on November 4, 2010
    One of the easiest and funnest ways to joke about something is to exaggerate a detail about it. You've been subjected to a "yo momma" joke before, I bet. Maybe fired off a few yourself? We're basically going to be writing those, except a bit more...refined. And you DON'T have to pick on anyone's weight if you want to. Fortunately, […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny: How to Develop Improv Skills by Yourself

    By Matt Willard on October 28, 2010
    The best kind of jokes are the ones that pop fully formed into your head. Somehow your mind makes that instant connection, that instant relationship between two ideas, and forms a zinger that totally kills. The only problem is that this doesn't happen often, at least not enough to make it your only comedy writing technique. Still, if you develop […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny: Using Humor In Ad Copy

    By Matt Willard on October 21, 2010
    I actually own The Copywriter's Handbook, in that disasterous age when I thought I should be a copywriter for a living. (I'll tell you that story another time, once I've figured out how to add more explosions.) The author, Bob Bly, had this to say about creating entertaining advertising: "...the goal of advertising is not to be liked, to entertain, […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny: Writing Humorous Character Reactions

    By Matt Willard on October 14, 2010
    In the last article, we talked about creating humorous characters for fiction. Now that we've done that, let's toss them into the pit and actually get 'em to do funny stuff. Remember that a humorous character is just a normal character that has exaggerated traits or expresses his personality in an exaggerated way. And the reactions DON'T have to be […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny: Creating Humorous Fictional Characters

    By Matt Willard on October 12, 2010
    Sprinkling some gags into an article is one thing, but add humor to a funny fictional story is a whole new bucket of fish. There are definitely jokes in humorous fiction, but since you're also trying to create atmosphere, normal one-liners often don't slide very well into a story. If a joke doesn't feel like a natural puzzle piece in […]
  • Make Your Writing Funny: Adding Humor to Articles, Columns, and Blog Posts

    By Matt Willard on September 16, 2010
    Now we can actually slide some humor into your writing. Let's keep it simple for now - we'll start by adding some funny bits into articles, columns, blog posts...any kind of straight, informative writing. It's all about using the right lines at the right times. Strategic application is key, like you're going to war with your article or something. The […]
  • Improving Readability and SEO with One Simple Tool

    By Guest on September 15, 2010
    The following is a guest post from Maria Rainier, explaining how SEO tools like All Freelance Writing's free keyword density analyzer (specially developed with writers in mind) can help writers improve the readability of their articles. -- There are plenty of SEO tools available on the Web, and most of them are great for giving you a simple keyword density […]