Contributor Guidelines

Please review the following contributor guidelines before contacting me with a guest post request. Please note that I don’t respond to inquiries if they don’t meet these guidelines.


Guest contributors need to have an account here on the site. You can register for free and add your author bio before or after your pitch is approved.

Recent Updates

All Indie Writers no longer publishes many guest posts. Unless you have a prior relationship with me (through this site's forum or blog comments, via social media, etc.), it's unlikely that I'll accept your guest post. If you want to publish a post on this site, familiarize yourself with the blog and resources here and spend time as an active member of the community before pitching me. You're still welcome to pitch following the below guidelines, but the full post must be included -- no "ideas" or outlines. I'll only accept ideas and outlines from writers I already know well.

I also will not accept any guest contributions submitted on behalf of third parties, such as your clients, whether I know you or not. As of December 2015, I won't accept guest posts submitted to promote any company, whether that comes from a freelancer representing them or from an employee.

Here's an example of what's appropriate here at All Indie Writers: A professional writer links to their own website for their own business (freelance writer website, author website, or blog) in their bio.

Here's an example of what's not permitted: A guest contributor links to their employer's or client's website promoting anything other than a writer's personal business -- an invoicing service, a publisher's website, a larger writing "firm," etc.

As of February 2016, I'm capping guest posts published on this site at two (2) per month. This is the total number of guests I'll host in a month -- not two posts per guest.

Also as of February 2016, I won't accept posts offering business advice to freelancers unless the guest poster has a proven track record of being in business for at least five years. If you haven't hit the point where half of small businesses fail yet, you're not qualified to teach my readers about running a successful and sustainable business. Newer writers are still welcome to pitch guest posts, but they'll need to revolve around personal stories and anecdotes, limited case studies, interviews, or limited tutorials that don't constitute business advice.

Content Guidelines

  • Please do not submit guest contributions that have been previously published elsewhere. You retain all rights to republish your content after it appears on the site. I only ask that you allow it to be published here exclusively for 30 days before submitting it elsewhere.
  • Guest contributions should be at least 500 words long.
  • Please make sure your guest post is broken down using subheadings and / or lists. You don't have to worry about specific formatting. I'll take care of that.
  • You may write on any topic relevant to freelance writers, bloggers, or independent authors with two exceptions.
    • Articles may not be directly promotional.
    • Articles may not promote or support sites, clients, or business models which I feel exploit writers in any way. That includes content mills, freelance bidding sites, and vanity POD publishing outfits like Xlibris, AuthorHouse, and iUniverse. I simply won’t offer space here on All Indie Writers to support the bottom of the barrel in this industry.
  • I do not accept guest posts from companies. Guest contributions must be submitted by an individual, and they must be attributed to the individual who pitches the post. Links must also go to personal websites or content -- not to directly promote the author's employer or client (linking to their social media accounts, blog, etc. are fine). In other words, if a company's owner plans to submit a guest post, they must contact me directly to pitch it -- not their marketing rep. More specifically, I do not accept posts from freelancers or marketing and SEO firms submitting articles on behalf of clients.
  • I reserve the right to adjust the formatting to fit our site (such as using h2 tags for headings and formatting lists if necessary) and make any other edits as necessary (including editing in-content links that violate our guidelines). Beyond that I generally publish them as submitted, so please proofread your posts. If you're not a native English speaker, it might help to have a third party review your post before submitting. I might fix a couple of typos if I catch them, but if there are a lot it will be sent back to you for revisions or I will reject the post outright. If your pitch itself is full of errors, I probably won't even respond.

Linking Guidelines

  • No promotional links (meaning links to your site, your company's site, or your client's site) may be included in the article itself.
  • Links to your own sites should be limited to two (2), and they should appear only in the author bio.
  • The links must also be relevant to the audience here. For example, linking to your professional site or writing blog is okay. Linking to an employer's site or client's site is generally not okay (though the company may be mentioned in the bio if links go to the author's own site, social media profiles, etc.). A relevant article with links to an irrelevant site, like a pharmaceutical site, would also not be okay. I also don’t accept guest contributions from “online education” or "essay writing" sites (I receive too many spammy pitches from the former, and won't allow the latter to be promoted at All Indie Writers on ethical grounds).
  • No affiliate links may be included anywhere in a guest contribution.

Bio Guidelines

  • Please include a short author bio with your post. Two to four (2-4) sentences is usually enough. You can add this directly to your member account.
  • Up to two relevant links may be included in your bio. That includes your professional site, blog, etc. These links may not be affiliate links.
  • You must upload an avatar to your account or have your account email address tied to a Gravatar. This image must be a headshot (no random graphics, logos, etc.).
  • You can have me add social media links in addition to your bio links. These will show up as social network icons below your avatar in the bio area. Available networks include Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr. You can add any or all of these or choose to leave them out.

Submission Guidelines

  • First register for the free All Indie Writers community. Choose a username and log in to access your My Account page where you'll find your user profile. You can add the bio that will appear on the forum and below any accepted posts there. The same bio will appear on all guest posts you submit (though I don't generally accept repeated posts by the same authors within a short period of time).
  • If I know you, you can email me an idea or an outline for your post.
  • If I don't know you, the full text of your guest contribution must be included in your email. I only respond to emails from people I don't know if they include this material.
  • Guest contributions or questions should be sent via email to guests(at)allindiewriters(dot)com. Please do not use my general email address or our site’s contact form for these submissions. If you do, they won't be filtered to the guest post review folder, and they will go ignored.
  • In your email, let me know what your username is on this site. I need this information to tie your post to your account.
  • If you want your post to appear on a specific day, you may request it. However, I make no promises that I can honor any specific date. If you have a specific schedule in mind, please try to submit your post at least two weeks in advance of that date so I can make sure it doesn't interfere with previously-scheduled material.
  • I don’t respond to inquiries that don’t meet these guidelines. So please review these carefully if you haven’t received a response.

Thank you!

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