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on December 5, 2007 in Freelance Writing Business

Indeed Job SearchOne of my favorite places to find freelance writing jobs is The reason I prefer it over other job search sites is that Indeed searches multiple job boards at once for you. It's been a huge time-saver for me, whether I was looking for a specific type of gig in the past to now when I use it regularly to search for and post freelance writing jobs here on this blog.

On top of using Indeed regularly myself, I'm also a member of their affiliate program. You'll see a job search option and freelance writing job results posted on this site automatically through that program. It allows me to monetize my blog while actually offering something useful to visitors, and I love that. I actually posted recently at about their affiliate program being a top ad performer for me, so it's definitely been worth it. I've found it to be particularly useful on the freelance writing blog as opposed to other niches.

Whether you're a writer looking for gigs or a blogger covering freelance writing issues, it's worth taking a look at Indeed for their job search and affiliate program.

As a freelance writer, what job search resources do you prefer? As a blogger, how do you most effectively monetize your own writing? Share your own thoughts and resources.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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Jennifer Mattern is a professional blogger, freelance business writer, and indie author. She began writing for clients in 1999 and started her first blog in 2004.

She owns 3 Beat Media - a publishing and client services company which operates All Indie Writers as well as several other websites and blogs including The Busy Author's Guide and BizAmmo. Jenn comes from a background in online PR and social media consulting, having owned a small PR firm for several years before choosing to pursue a full-time writing and publishing career.

Jenn also writes fiction under multiple pen names in the areas of children's fiction, mysteries, and horror fiction. Jenn is an active member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) and currently serves as the organization's Assistant Coordinator of Promotions and Social Media.

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  1. Diana December 8, 2007 Reply

    Is it just me or many of the jobs listed on Indeed go to websites requiring a subscription (usually paid) before you can answer the ad. It happened with Telecommuting Jobs, JournalismJobs and a couple of others. Do you actually have subscriptions to all these websites or do you just skip the ads that require one?

  2. Jennifer Mattern December 8, 2007 Reply

    It does seem to happen that way with freelance writing jobs, but I wouldn’t say it’s the case overall with Indeed. It’s just that most job sites featuring freelance writing gigs tend to be set up that way (at least those with any kind of specialty in them).

    Personally, I just find the jobs and post them. It’s exceptionally rare that I ever apply for a gig listed anywhere these days because I already have a large client base and referral network. So I can’t speak for each of the sites individually. If someone has a membership with them and wants to post about it here in the comments, I’d certainly love to know which ones you consider worth it, and which ones you’d consider more of a wasted resource.

  3. Diana December 8, 2007 Reply

    I signed up for a free membership with a couple of the websites, but it often results in either a lot of spam or dozens of notices from the website itself (special offers, announcements, etc.). And it honestly annoys me to no end to have to go through the whole sign-up process, including verifying the email and all that. i don’t know. Maybe I’m being too picky? The truth is that often click away is I’m required to sign up before I have full access to the post.

  4. Diana December 18, 2007 Reply

    I’m now wondering if people actually have a membership with any of the linked sites. I used MediaBistro quite a bit, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually landed a job advertised there, so maybe the demographics (or the target) are different. Most of the other ones are simply too difficult or time consuming to sign up for, but if anybody has tried any of them with exit, I’m willing to change my mind :)

  5. Diana December 19, 2007 Reply

    I should NOT post when I’m distracted. The above comment has so many errors that is just painful to read.

  6. Diana December 31, 2007 Reply

    @ Jenn – I’m having major issues trying to add Indeed to a wordpress blog. It was no problem at all with blogger, but I can’t seem to be able to add the code into wordpress. Whatever I do, it just comes up looking wrong –either the box is missing or the words are all over the place. I’m wondering if you’ve tried and had the same problems.

  7. Jennifer Mattern December 31, 2007 Reply

    I haven’t had any problem. I’ve inserted Indeed code directly into my templates as well as through “text” boxes in widgets without a problem. Where are you trying to insert the code, and which type of code? Is it a WordPress blog you’re hosting yourself, or one hosted on If they’re hosting it, that might explain it – I believe they limit what you can add.

  8. Diana December 31, 2007 Reply

    It’s their hosting. I guess that explains it. For some reason I figured it would work the same way that with Blogger, but I guess WordPress has more limits?

  9. Jennifer Mattern December 31, 2007 Reply

    I can’t remember if the Indeed ads are javascript, but if so, I believe the hosted WordPress blogs are stricter about whether you can add that and where. Because I’m hosting my own, I can insert the code easily without the limits. I’ve never used a hosted option before, so I can’t really give any definite answers on that front.

  10. Diana December 31, 2007 Reply

    I’ve been thinking about moving the blog over to Blogger because it just seems easier to manage. I like WordPress better, but Blogger is simpler and more “dynamic” and now it seems it also has the advantage of allowing ads and coding much better, so maybe I should simply switch over.

  11. Jennifer Mattern December 31, 2007 Reply

    If you’re going to switch at all, I’d really recommend getting away from free blog hosts. I know I did a post on that issue hear a while back, but here are the biggest reasons for it:

    1. It can look unprofessional to some potential clients.
    2. It’s more that your visitors have to remember.
    3. No matter which one you’re using, if you decide to switch later, you’ll lose all of your rankings. If you host your own and later decide to change domains, you can use a 301 redirect on the old site to point to the new one (and not have such a big risk of losing pagerank, search engine rankings, and just flat out backlinks). The free hosts don’t allow you to do that (at least I’ve never found one that does).
    4. You have full control over ads, what kinds of scripts to run, etc. and can generally use a greater number of themes or design elements.

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