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    Jennifer Mattern

    I recently set up a new site at to promote an upcoming e-book series on book marketing. While I wasn’t committed to writing there more than a few times per month, I realized it’s still an unnecessary step. There’s too much overlap with the indie publishing blog’s book marketing section here at AIW. So rather than drive traffic from here to that site’s blog, I’m just going to move those initial blog posts here.

    It seemed silly to manage another blog for writers when I just merged three of them so I could devote more time to a single site, especially when this blog is already a fantastic platform for the new e-book series.

    I’m moving them over quickly. There are only six. So that’s why you might see more frequent updates on the AIW blog this week. And in the future, more of my book marketing posts will remain here.

    Jennifer Mattern - Owner 3 Beat Media

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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