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    Jennifer Mattern

    When someone pitches you for something via email, when does it go too far? After how many email pitches do you go from simply not being interested to forming a negative view of a company? Essentially, when does it cross the line from good marketing to bad PR?

    For me that depends on the kind of pitch a little bit. I get annoyed by the first pitch if it’s completely unsolicited (when they generally harvest my contact info in domain registration WHOIS records — meaning I’m often hit on multiple email addresses at once). The same is true if it’s poorly targeted.

    For better targeted email marketing, I have a three email rule. If you pitch me on something three times and I don’t buy, sign-up, or even respond, the emails need to stop. Keep going and I’ll probably discontinue whatever relationship I already have with you, or at least you’ll piss me off enough that I’ll remember the intrusive, nagging behavior for a while. Neither is something you want as a business.

    What about you? When does email marketing cross the line? At what point do you stop sending messages to solicit new business if someone doesn’t respond?


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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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