Where to Find Freelance Magazine Markets

on July 29, 2008 in Freelance Writing

So far the only print work I've done is ghostwriting trade magazine pieces for business clients, and I haven't even done a huge amount of that. I'd really love to get something published in print in my own name, just for the sake of doing something different (although I doubt I'd ever make it a priority over Web writing). I've been recently looking into some magazine markets to see who I'd like to pitch when I have some time, and I thought I'd share some places where you can find freelance magazine markets if you're also interested:

  • WritersMarket.com - This is a paid site, and one of the more popular options. You can search both consumer and trade magazines here.
  • MediaBistro - If you join their Avant Guild program, you can access their "how to pitch" articles, which offer detailed pitching advice for quite a few magazines.
  • WritersWeekly.com - You can find quite a few magazine markets in this ezine.
  • The Writer's Life - This site offers free listings of paying magazine markets.

Do you have other favorite resources for finding freelance magazine markets or other writers' markets online?

Thanks for sharing!
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  1. LaToya Irby July 31, 2008 Reply

    Freelancewritinggigs.com has “Market Mondays.” Magazine markets are listed there.

  2. Meryl K. Evans August 2, 2008 Reply

    I use the print version of Writer’s Market. Freelance Writing Gigs is also good as Laytoya mentions. AbsoluteWrite.com has a paid and free version of a newsletter that lists a few markets every week.

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