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While we feature articles on direct pitching such as queries and cold calling, we focus more on Jennifer Mattern's "query-free freelancing" approach -- a marketing style that puts writer platforms and networking first.

The idea is to find ways to build your professional visibility and network in a way that helps clients find you instead of you having to continually seek them out. You can learn more about query-free freelancing in Mattern's e-book series.

For new freelance writers without an established platform, we feature third party freelance writing jobs (for free) on our job board. Mattern offers more personal coaching and assistance to freelance writers in our writing forums. We also offer a variety of tools and resources for freelancers, some of which you will find below.

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Tools & Resources for Freelance Writers

Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator

Calculate your minimum freelance rates or rates to reach any income goal with our free dual-mode freelance rate calculator.

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Freelance Project Rate Calculator

Find out what you really earned on any freelance project by breaking down your tasks. This calculator helps you set more realistic rates.

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Monthly Marketing Calendar

Download our free simple monthly marketing calendar to help you better organize your marketing activities for your freelance writing business.

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Word Count Tracker -- Simple

Improve your productivity by challenging yourself to meet daily word count goals. Our simple free word count tracker can help.

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