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While articles on direct pitching are featured, resources focus more on the "query-free freelancing" approach. That marketing style puts writer platforms and networking first.

The idea is to find ways to build your professional visibility and network. That helps clients find you instead of you seeking them out. Get started with query-free freelancing with the e-book, The 30 Day Marketing Boot Camp for Freelance Writers

For new freelance writers without an established platform, you can find third party freelance writing jobs (for free) on the freelance writing job board. You can get more personal assistance in the writing forums. All Indie Writers also offers tools and resources for writers, some of which you will find below.

Freelance Writing Tools & Resources

Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator

Calculate your minimum freelance rates or rates to reach any income goal with our free dual-mode freelance rate calculator.

Freelance Project Rate Calculator

Find out what you really earned on any freelance project by breaking down your tasks. This calculator helps you set more realistic rates.

Monthly Marketing Calendar

Download a free monthly marketing calendar to help you better organize your marketing activities for your freelance writing business.

Word Count Tracker

Improve your productivity by challenging yourself to meet daily word count goals. Or track posts, articles, or other freelance writing projects. This simple tracker can help.

Latest Posts From the Freelance Writing Blog

Freelance Writing Pros on What They Wish They Knew as Beginners

New freelance writers are full of questions. "How do I get started?" "Where are the high paying freelance writing gigs?" "Should I sign up for freelance marketplaces or find my own clients?" I hear questions like these every week. But are they the kinds of things beginner freelance writers really need to know? To find out, I caught up with some more experienced freelancers -- the type of people I'd personally trust for advice -- and I asked them: With all that you know now as a successful...
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Where Are They Now? – Yolander Prinzel

Earlier this month, we caught up with two writers who used to be regular contributors to this blog -- LaToya Irby and Rebecca Garland. Today an old reader favorite makes her return. Yolander (Yo) Prinzel is a freelance finance and insurance writer who specializes in ghostwriting now. She's also one of my "go-to gals," meaning she puts up with more of my rants and ridiculousness than anyone should ever be subjected to. And she's one of very few fellow writers who ever gets to see my rough work,...
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Podcast: Freelance Blogging (with Sharon Hurley Hall)

Sharon Hurley Hall joins me for the latest episode of the All Indie Writers Podcast. We chat about a wide range of issues related to freelance blogging. For example, you'll learn: The difference between business blogging and niche / publication blogging (and benefits of each); The difference between blogging for small businesses and larger corporate clients; How much you can really earn as a freelance blogger (if you think $100-200 per post is a high pro blogging rate, you still have a lot to...
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Where Are They Now? – Rebecca Garland

It's time to catch up with another former regular contributor (from this blog's days as All Freelance Writing). This week's guest is Rebecca Garland. Rebecca covered not only issues related to being a work at home parent, but also grammar and ESL topics thanks to her experience as a high school English teacher in her full-time job. Rebecca has been writing for clients for 11 years now. Even years ago when she was a regular contributor to the blog, she was earning a full-time freelance writing...
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Paula Hendrickson on Choosing Her Freelance Writing Specialty

Freelance writers would be wise to specialize. I've given this advice for years, and for good reason. Whether you choose to specialize in a niche or industry (or even type of writing or type of client base), you'll generally earn more as a specialist. But there are other benefits too, as today's guest points out. In my interview series talking to freelance writers about their specialties, I've mostly talked to people who have been specializing for a few years. But with the focus this month on...
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Latest Freelance Writing Jobs

Date Job Title Category Pay Range
12/02/2016 Call for Submissions: Electric Literature is Seeking Fiction Prose / Poetry $250 - 500 (PRO RATE)
12/02/2016 Creative Business Writer Blogging / Web Content Writing
11/22/2016 Freelance Journalist / Freelance Writer Other Freelance Writing Jobs $1 - 25 (VERY LOW PAY)
11/17/2016 Treatment Writer Needed for a Horror Film Other Freelance Writing Jobs $100 - 250 (PRO RATE)
11/17/2016 Call for Submissions: Slice Magazine Seeks Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry Prose / Poetry $100 - 250 (PRO RATE)
11/17/2016 Write About Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship Blogging / Web Content Writing $25 - 50 (LOW PAY)
11/17/2016 Writers Needed for New Blog on Writing Blogging / Web Content Writing $50 - 100 (SEMI-PRO)
11/15/2016 Freelance Researcher Other Freelance Writing Jobs $25 - 50 (LOW PAY)