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This page contains links to all of the free and premium resources for writers I’ve developed or commissioned so far. All of these tools and templates are available exclusively through All Indie Writers (with the exception of a few being highlighted on other Web properties I own). You can’t get them from anyone else.

If you want to share these resources with other freelance writers, please link either to this page or the individual  download and order pages (all linked below) rather than hot-linking my files. Thanks, and enjoy!

Free Stuff for Writers

Free Community Features

Free Community Features

Don't miss these free features for members of the All Indie Writers community. They can help you find better freelance writing jobs, build your professional network, and get answers to your most pressing questions facing your writing career.

  • Community Forums -- You must register for free and be logged in to post to the forums.
  • Writing Blogs -- You can find a wealth of information about freelance writing, blogging, and indie publishing in the archives.
  • Job Board -- The job board is always free for writers. Browse it for the latest jobs posted within the last 30 days, or subscribe to stay on top of the latest gigs in your favorite feed reader.
  • Writers' Market Directory -- Find markets, from magazines to blogs, that regularly accept submissions from freelance writers. All markets in my database are paying markets.
  • Free Writing Advice -- If you have specific questions not covered in the blog archives, you can ask the site owner directly. Just fill out this form, note if you'd like to remain anonymous, and your question could be featured on the site.
Free Tools & Calculators

Free Tools and Calculators

These online tools and calculators will help you plan and track your freelance writing work (or other writing-related projects).

E-book Sales Conversion Calculator

This dual-mode calculator lets you calculate your conversion rates on e-book sales. Or use it to choose a target conversion rate and calculate the number of sales you need to make to reach that goal.

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Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator

This dual-mode freelance hourly rate calculator can be used in simple form where you can choose any goal salary and find out your billable hours and necessary hourly rate or it can be used in advanced mode to help you factor in expenses to determine your minimum required salary and corresponding freelance writing fee. You’ll also find instructions on how to convert your hourly freelance writing rate into per-word, per-page, and per-project rates.

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Freelance Project Hourly Rate Calculator

This rate calculator lets you break down all of the time spent on a particular freelance writing project to find out how much your hourly rate really was. Use this tool to find the real payout on things like residual earnings programs or to help you find ways to streamline your process, improve productivity, and earn more without charging more.

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Keyword Density Analyzer

This keyword density tool acts as more than just a typical keyword density checker for SEO purposes. It also highlights where those keywords and phrases are in relation to each other, helping writers improve the readability of their articles without disrupting a client’s requested keyword density.

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Word Count Tracker (simple version)

This simple word count tracker is ideal for large projects (such as for NaNoWriMo participants or writers working on an e-book). Just enter your target word count and your current word count, and you’ll get a word count tracker bar to post on your own site. You can use the advanced mode to customize the look of your word count tracker.

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Word Count Tracker (advanced version)

This is a more advanced word count tracker tool. You can use it to do much more than track word counts. For example, you can track blog posts (if you have a monthly or yearly goal). You can also track pages. Need to track something else? Just choose “other” from the drop-down menu and enter your own tracking terms. For example, you could use it to track your income goal for the month or year or use it for something completely unrelated to writing such as weight loss goals. You can choose from three different word count tracker sizes with this one.

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Free E-books & Reports

Free E-books and Reports for Writers

I’ve created these e-books and reports to help freelance writers and other business owners and professionals improve their businesses. Learn how to thrive during a recession, get advice on press release writing from a PR professional, and more.

  • How to Write an E-book in Just 14 Days – This e-book is designed to help the reader write, publish, and market their own e-book that they either plan to sell or give away for free as a marketing tool. It includes background articles to help the reader first understand the e-book publishing process, and then takes them through a 14-day e-book writing plan from concept to launch.
  • You CAN Attract New Freelance Writing Clients (Even During a Recession)! – This report is designed to explain why many freelance writers actually grow their businesses during recessions, while offering tips for strategic changes that keep new clients coming regardless of a slow economy.
  • Press Releases Made Easy – This short, 20-page e-book will teach you the fundamentals of press release writing, especially as it applies to the Web. Download it today to attract your own subscribers, traffic, and more, all while learning how to write more effective press releases for your business!
Free Forms, Worksheets, & Templates

Free Forms, Worksheets, and Templates

  • Blog Business Plan Template – Use this blog business plan template (.doc format) to help you run a more profitable niche or business blog.
  • One Page Marketing Plan Template – Use this one page marketing plan template to help you outline your marketing strategies and tactics, so you can promote your freelance writing services more effectively.
  • One Page Business Plan Template - Use this one page business plan template to help you prepare to launch your freelance writing business.
  • Target Market Planner - This target market planner will help freelance writers map out who their target clients really are and how their marketing strategy can be tailored to better influence those buyers.
  • SWOT Analysis Worksheet – This SWOT analysis worksheet for freelance writers shows you how to map out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats when running a freelance writing business.
  • One Page Project Planner – This one page project planning worksheet gives you a snapshot of the pre-launch and marketing tactics you need to schedule for a new blog launch, book, e-book, or other project.
  • Monthly Marketing Calendar - This simple monthly marketing calendar for freelance writers lets you map out your goals and marketing tactics for the month, so you constantly focus on marketing without overwhelming yourself with too much going on at once.
  • Press Release Template for a Book Launch -- Use this basic book launch press release template to help you craft a news release for your local or industry media. A press release is especially important if there's a timely angle behind your book release.
  • Scrivener Template for Bloggers: Single Blog -- This template can help you organize blog content for a single blog using Scrivener.
  • Scrivener Template for Bloggers: Multiple Blogs -- Use this template to organize blog content for multiple blogs from a single Scrivener project file.
  • Scrivener White Paper Template -- This template will help you organize and write a white paper using Scrivener.
  • Scrivener Case Study Template -- Use this template to organize and draft case studies for your business or your clients using Scrivener.
  • Author Website Content Checklist -- Use this checklist to map out the content for your author website, and use the blog post ideas to keep your author blog updated regularly.
  • 41 Types of Content to Promote Your Business -- This .pdf breaks down the different types of content and copywriting you can use to promote your (or your client's) business. Looking for new types of freelance writing projects to pursue? This this might spark some ideas!
  • 15-Minute Book Marketing Tactics -- Print out this simple .pdf resource and pull it out whenever you're short on time for marketing your book. These 15 tactics can be used in as little as 15 minutes.
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