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on October 28, 2008 in Writers' Resources

Every now and then I browse through, and buy, products that I think may be of interest to readers of one of my blogs. Recently I purchased the giant headline swipe file ($18.95), and I thought it might be worth sharing with other writers.

Whether you're writing press releases, articles, or sales copy for clients, or writing articles or blog posts for yourself, chances are that you have to come up with clever titles periodically. While, sure, the "top 10 this" or "secret to that" headlines can be effective, it never hurts to have a better arsenal to work with.

The giant headline swipe file is something you can do for yourself if you'd rather spend time than money - look through newspaper articles, magazine covers, websites, direct mail pieces, etc., and make a running list of titles that really caught your attention or which struck you as effective.

Then again, you could buy yourself an instant swipe file with over 1000 published headlines already assembled for you. Either way, a swipe file is a great thing to have.

There are some interesting headlines in this swipe file that can really get you thinking. That said, there are also plenty that probably wouldn't adapt well to different niches or mediums. The biggest problem though for me is that there didn't seem to be any real order to things, making browsing through it a bit hit or miss for your needs.

However, I'm still comfortable suggesting the product. Think of it like a daily inspiration for writers type of book - it gives you something new to think about each time you look at it. You'll use some of it brilliantly, and some of it won't work for you. That's the plus side of the diversity.

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So if you find yourself struggling to write catchy and high-conversion headlines, try the giant headline swipe file on for size. - Get it today.


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  1. isaac October 28, 2008 Reply

    From looking at it, it seems like it would be more of an idea generator than actually help with headlines.

  2. Jennifer Mattern October 28, 2008 Reply

    That’s what a swipe file is designed to do – serve as inspiration to help you come up with ideas (and that does help with headlines). I’m not sure how inspiration wouldn’t “help.” If anything, it’s much broader help than the headline templates I’ve seen, which are often just ripped out of ad copy books. Actual published examples instead show you how those formulas have been tweaked and used successfully, which is much better than anything else I’ve seen out there regarding headlines.

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