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  • Risks and Rewards When Writers Share Personal Stories Online

    By Jennifer Mattern on July 27, 2016
      In the most recent All Indie Writers Podcast, Princess Jones stopped by again. This time we chatted about writers sharing personal information and stories online (or in books in some cases). Are there any benefits to opening up to your readers? What are the risks? And when does being open turn into oversharing? These are some of the questions […]
  • An Open Letter on Trust, “Experts,” and Blogging

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 22, 2016
    *Note* This post and podcast episode contain explicit language, as regulars will know pretty much all rants here do. If you don't want to read / listen to that, skip this one. Bloggers. Readers. Friends. We need to talk. Do you know what I love about All Indie Writers readers, including you? You're out there carving your own path, pursuing […]
  • Why (and How) to Launch Your Author Blog Before Your Book

    By Jennifer Mattern on February 4, 2016
    Maybe you're writing your first book. Perhaps it's off with your editor. In either case, you still have a ways to go before your book is in the hands of readers. That means it's much too early to worry about setting up an author blog, right? Wrong. You don't need to wait until your book launch to set up an […]
  • Quick Tip for Bloggers: Use Notepad ++

    By Jennifer Mattern on September 1, 2015
    I was contacted several days ago by a fellow freelance writer and blogger. He was having problems on his WordPress site where his theme was no longer compatible with the WordPress core. It caused elements of his site to disappear. Another colleague pointed him in my direction, and thankfully I was able to find a patch. The problem? The patch was […]
  • Quick Tip: White Label WordPress for Client Installations

    By Jennifer Mattern on May 26, 2015
    Freelance writers often take on complementary services. For example, a web content writer might handle social media marketing for the content they write. Freelance bloggers might be asked to step in and assist a client even before they have a blog set up. If you're able to quickly set up WordPress for your clients, charging them for the service might make a […]
  • 15 Ways to Repurpose Your Content – Get the Full Report

    By Jennifer Mattern on February 25, 2015
    Earlier this week I shared 15 ways you can repurpose your blog content to reach a broader audience and make your archives continue to work for you. And, as mentioned in that post, I planned to repurpose it as a short report, going into more detail about each idea presented. That report is now available for newsletter subscribers. If you'd like a […]
  • Quick Tip: Make Sure Your Author Blog Reaches the Right Readers

    By Jennifer Mattern on February 24, 2015
    Your author blog can be an important, and effective, book marketing tool. But I've seen countless authors complain that blogging isn't worth their time, only to discover that they're going about it in the wrong way. One of the biggest issues I've seen is that authors aren't targeting the right readers with their blogs. And if you don't reach the […]
  • Weekend Reading: Email Marketing Copy

    By Jennifer Mattern on February 13, 2015
    Whether you're interested in staying in touch with freelance writing prospects, your blog's readers, or readers of your books, having an email list is a smart idea. But what you send to your email subscribers is as important as building your list. That's what keeps subscribers interested, and it's that email marketing copy that converts casual readers into buyers, community members, or […]
  • Subscribe to All Indie Writers for a Free Collection of Fiction Author Blog Post Ideas

    By Jennifer Mattern on January 29, 2015
    On Friday I'll release the first subscribers-only freebie to everyone who's subscribed to the All Indie Writers newsletter. This freebie will be a collection of 21 author blog post ideas to promote your fiction. The resource also serves as an introduction to an upcoming e-book release, The Busy Author's Guide to Blogging. If you subscribe now, you'll receive a download link […]
  • Bad Pitching and Bitching: Should Journalists Expose Bad PR Pitches?

    By Jennifer Mattern on January 28, 2015
    This post was originally published on (my now-retired blog featuring commentary on PR and social media issues). While I'm considering reviving my Naked PR brand this year, I'm considering taking it in a slightly different direction -- back to its roots. In the meantime, I'm moving most of the original content to other sites I own, saving only a […]