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  • What Freelance Writers Can Learn From Junk Email

    By Jennifer Mattern on December 11, 2013
    I doubt any of you are strangers to spam. My favorites, if you can call them that, are all of the terrible pitches I receive from marketing and design firms as well as other freelancers. Here are the most common I see: "Your website isn't ranking on the first page of Google," (followed by all of the reasons I need […]
  • When is the Best Time to Make Cold Calls

    By Chris Bibey on May 14, 2013
    Lately, we have been discussing cold calling as a marketing method quite a bit. For example, my last post touched on how to discuss freelance pricing during a cold call. This time around, I want to take a closer look at when you should be making cold calls. If you are going to spend time on the phone, you might […]
  • How to Discuss Freelance Pricing During a Cold Call

    By Chris Bibey on April 30, 2013
    For many freelance writers, marketing is the “hot topic” of the day. Not only are these people looking for a marketing strategy that works, but they want to rely on something that doesn’t take up all their time. If this sounds familiar, you have probably given cold calling a second thought at some point in time. This is something we […]