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  • 15 Ways to Repurpose Your Content – Get the Full Report

    By Jennifer Mattern on February 25, 2015
    Earlier this week I shared 15 ways you can repurpose your blog content to reach a broader audience and make your archives continue to work for you. And, as mentioned in that post, I planned to repurpose it as a short report, going into more detail about each idea presented. That report is now available for newsletter subscribers. If you'd like a […]
  • Free Target Market Worksheet for Freelance Writers

    By Jennifer Mattern on April 6, 2014
    Have you ever struggled to pinpoint the target market for your freelance writing services? If so, I have a free tool that might help. I decided to overhaul my old target market worksheet, previously only available to those who purchased my Web Writer's Guide e-book which is no longer available. I'm releasing the updated version as a freebie. You'll be able to […]