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  • Weekend Resources: Freebies for Freelance Writers

    By Jennifer Mattern on March 22, 2014
    I usually try to post a collection of articles on a chosen topic to close out our weeks here. This week I want to do something different. Rather than featuring blog posts and other reading material, I'd like to share resources -- free ones at that. Below you'll find a collection of free resources for freelance writers. These tools, templates, […]
  • Free Business Resources for Freelance Writers

    By Jennifer Mattern on October 17, 2011
    After a recent post on market research in our series for Demand Media writers, a reader mentioned that many (though not all) of these freelancers don't have the basic business skills needed to take them from content mill work to targeting new specialty markets and landing new clients. For those writers, I promised to post links to basic business resources […]
  • Free Dual-Mode Freelance Writing Rate Calculator Released

    By Jennifer Mattern on February 1, 2010
    Today we officially launch the next freebie in our collection of free online tools for writers -- a freelance writing hourly rate calculator. There are two modes -- one to help you calculate your needed income level and hourly rate and another to let you play with hourly rates for any income goal you choose (want to earn a million […]
  • Why Query-Free Freelancers Love Freebies

    By Jennifer Mattern on August 17, 2009
    Today I'm going to give you a quick tip for better query-free freelancing: give things away for free! People love freebies. If they feel they'll get something for nothing, they'll often stop and take notice even if they would have otherwise passed you by. Freebies are especially important during growth phases where you're trying to expand your visibility or reach […]
  • Depeche: Free WordPress Theme

    By Jennifer Mattern on August 7, 2009
    Depeche is a free WordPress theme that I purchased from designer Chris Hennis to be released to you for free. I hope you'll put it to use - and if you do, leave a link to the site in your comment. Please read the information below before downloading, and review the README file to learn how to use this theme. […]
  • Free Blue Business Web Template

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 21, 2009
    I promised the next free member download would be a Web template, and here it is. This isn't a design of my own (the one I was going to release first was scrapped--perhaps I'll rework it in the future for release here). I purchased full rights to this as a unique template from a designer a little while back, with […]
  • Why I Recently Broke My "No Free Work" Rule

    By Jennifer Mattern on March 10, 2009
    If you've noticed anything here at All Freelance Writing, I hope it's my effort to show writers that they can, and should, charge what they're worth to earn a livable wage (and then some). I've also on more than one occasion poo-pooed the type of "client" who asks for free work (or who offers pay so low it might as […]