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  • Ways Bloggers Can Minimize the Impact of Being on Skeazy Pitch Lists (Podcast)

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 12, 2015
      The latest episode of the All Indie Writers Podcast is now live. As promised in my last post's comments, it includes an extension of the Elance / Upwork fiasco with their lame blogger relations attempt. Then I move on to offer a few tips to bloggers who are tired of finding themselves on these lists. Also in this episode: […]
  • Year-End Marketing Ideas for Freelance Writers

    By Jennifer Mattern on December 26, 2014
    I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Just because we're nearing the end of the year, it doesn't mean you're out of time to bring in new freelance work. Whether you're looking to line-up last minute gigs or trying to schedule January's billable hours, there are plenty of things you can do to market your freelance writing services before year's […]
  • “Pay What You Can” Sale on My Marketing Boot Camp E-book, This Week Only

    By Jennifer Mattern on November 24, 2014
    I decided to try something new over the holiday weekend, and I'm kicking it off a bit early. I'm letting you decide how much you want to pay for my e-book, the 30 Day Marketing Boot Camp for Freelance Writers.  This special offer will run through Cyber Monday, ending at midnight on Tuesday, December 1st. What Does This Mean? Simply put, you set the […]
  • Get Started as a Part-Time Freelance Writer: Reader Questions

    By Jennifer Mattern on March 2, 2014
    Today I'd like to share some reader questions from a reader who preferred to remain anonymous. His questions revolve around getting started as a new freelance writer on a part-time basis. We'll call him Matt for the sake of this post. Jen Grant, whom I answered in our last reader Q&A post, asked for something similar during a Twitter conversation […]
  • Why Clients Hire Ghostwriters

    By Yo Prinzel on December 6, 2013
    In order to get contracts signed and have a strong working relationship with ghostwriting clients, you have to understand why people are out there looking for ghostwriters. If you don't, you're going to rely on assumptions that can result in lost gigs and rocky working relationships. To give you a starting place, here are five examples of reasons that clients […]
  • Ten Ideas for Ghostwriting Samples

    By Yo Prinzel on November 28, 2013
    There are two questions that come up more than any other when I talk to writers about breaking into ghostwriting. The first is: how do I get clients? The second is: how do I show them samples of my work if everything I do is confidential? I find these questions frustrating, because you definitely already know the answers to them. […]
  • Make Money Blogging: 20 Blog Revenue Streams

    By Jennifer Mattern on March 27, 2013
    The post below was originally published on my small business blog after a friend asked me some basic questions about how he could begin to make money blogging. I've since shared it here as a way to help freelance writers build an additional revenue stream (originally on October 16, 2008). And I've now updated it for All Freelance Writing readers with […]
  • Freelance Writers: Why Should People Care About You?

    By Guest on November 13, 2012
    By: Joshua Danton Boyd In the popular TV show Rome, the character Titus Pullo reassures the young Gaius Octavian Caesar that to be a middling swordsman is better than nothing. Caesar is quick to respond. “There you are wrong. The graveyards are full of middling swordsmen. Best not to be a swordsman at all than a middling swordsman.” This might […]
  • What's Your Freelance Dream?

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 27, 2012
    Recently we talked about finding ways to get through your days as a freelancer -- from minimizing distractions so you can go into "super freelancer" mode to thinking about all the little things freelance freedom provides. Increased productivity and remembering why you love this job are two great ways to make the freelance life even better. So is looking for […]
  • Face to Face Marketing Tips for Freelance Writers

    By Chris Bibey on January 23, 2012
    Like many freelance writers, I do not enjoy talking about myself. That being said, there is a fine line between bragging on yourself and doing an effective job in the sales and marketing department. Are you comfortable with “face to face marketing?” In short, this is the act of marketing your services to potential clients in person. No matter the […]