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  • Gamification: Make Freelance Writing More Fun

    By Jennifer Mattern on May 12, 2014
    In the comments on a previous post about loving your work, Anne Wayman mentioned that she wanted to try to turn some of her marketing into a game. That's something I try to do with my daily work as much as possible too. So I thought it might be fun to look at gamification and how you can gamify your freelance writing […]
  • 5 Things to Smile About as a Freelance Writer

    By Jennifer Mattern on March 25, 2009
    Freelance writing is far from a fluff job. It's hard work, and it can be extremely stressful (as I'm sure you all know). Every once in a while I have to stop and remind myself why I love this lifestyle. I usually end up with a smile on my face remembering what the former "sucker" lifestyle was like working a […]