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  • Personal Branding for Freelance Writers: Social Media Dos and Don’ts (Podcast)

    By Jennifer Mattern on April 25, 2016
    Last week's podcast is now up. If you aren't subscribed yet, you can listen from the show notes page (or directly via SoundCloud). In this episode I pick up on my conversation with Dann Alexander, having answered another of his questions in Episode 18. This time Dann wanted some social media dos and don'ts when it comes to building your […]
  • How to Make Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly Fast

    By Jennifer Mattern on April 5, 2015
    On April 21st, just a couple of weeks away, Google is scheduled to roll out a new search algorithm update. This update focuses on mobile searches, and Google will start using mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. What does this mean? If you get traffic from smartphones (it apparently doesn't apply to tablet searches), and if your WordPress site isn't mobile-friendly, […]
  • Quick Tip: Use Google Webmaster Tools for Your Writer Website or Blog

    By Jennifer Mattern on September 16, 2014
    Readers and colleagues often come to me with questions about problems they're having with their websites or blogs. In some cases, such as sudden search engine ranking issues or site indexing problems, one of the first things I tend to ask them is to check Google Webmaster Tools. That's when I sometimes get the mind-blowing responses of "What's that?" or "I […]
  • Same-Day Delivery, Book Buying Habits, and Indie Authors

    By Jennifer Mattern on August 14, 2014
    The other day I was reading an article about Google working with Barnes and Noble to offer same-day delivery of books in a few locations. It's no secret that Amazon is also keen on making same-day delivery a reality for more shoppers. And it got me wondering. How might the rise of same-day deliveries affect book buying habits, and how […]
  • Do You Stress Each Time Google Unleashes Algorithm Updates?

    By Jennifer Mattern on September 6, 2012
    My inbox has been flooded with newsletters that I subscribe to from SEO, marketing, and Web development sites. And lately all they seem to be talking about is Google. Panda. Penguin. Whatever update they're rolling out or mucking around with at the moment, it's always the same cry. "The Internet as we know it is ending! Duck, cover and prepare […]
  • Will Google Adsense Breed Distrust in Your Blog's Readers?

    By Jennifer Mattern on March 13, 2009
    Yesterday we talked about Clickbank Ads and how they can be used to monetize a blog or website. Ironically, this morning an email went out to Adsense publishers regarding changes to the types of ads they'll be showing. You can read parts of that email below: We're writing to let you know about the upcoming launch of interest-based advertising.... Interest-based […]
  • Kissing Google Goodbye – Why You Should Look Beyond Big G to Make Money Writing Online

    By Jennifer Mattern on March 5, 2009
    Darren Rowse recently asked bloggers if they sell text links on their blogs. The conversation that ensued is pretty interesting in my opinion, and for those Web writers who are trying to earn through blogging, I'd like to share a few thoughts - namely, that Google is not (or should not be) the be all and end all for your […]