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  • 3 Ways to Torpedo Your Blogger Outreach Efforts (Infographic)

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 13, 2015
    Earlier this week, I went off on Elance / Upwork for their BS blogger outreach efforts that targeted me and several other colleagues (I've heard from at least six others now who were a part of this supposed "handful" of targeted blogs). In that post, I shared a simple infographic highlighting the three big mistakes Upwork made, in the hopes […]
  • 2 Years to a Book [InfoGraphic]

    By Jennifer Mattern on May 31, 2015
    In this week's "short share," we have a two-year book writing plan from While two years might be an unnecessarily long time for many indie authors these days, I think it's a great plan for new authors -- especially those trying to write their first book alongside a traditional day job. If you find yourself with limited time to […]
  • Want to Write Faster Blog Posts? Here’s How [Infographic]

    By Jennifer Mattern on April 25, 2015
    For this week's "short share" we have an infographic from J6 Design called "8 Secrets to Writing Faster Blog Posts." Overall, I think there are some great tips here, from creating self-imposed deadlines to avoiding the dreaded "edit while you write" syndrome. by j6design. What do you think? Do these ideas help you write blog posts faster? Are there any other tips […]
  • What Makes a Good Story?

    By Jennifer Mattern on April 18, 2015
    For this weekend's short share, I wanted to feature an infographic that applies to authors and copywriters alike: What Really Makes a Good Story? from Tom Albrighton at   Check out the original discussion or leave a comment to tell me what you think. Are there other vital elements to a good story? Do you disagree with anything in […]
  • The History of the English Language [Infographic]

    By Jennifer Mattern on April 12, 2015
    I've been meaning to kick off a new, light, post series here for a while -- one where I share a bite-sized bit of actionable information, or even something that's simply entertaining. Most of these posts will be infographics -- some which I'll create and some from third party sources that I found interesting or helpful. Here is the first […]
  • 10 Twitter Tips for Authors

    By Jennifer Mattern on February 24, 2014
    If you're an author, you've probably heard plenty about the importance of social media marketing. But when it comes to using social networks as marketing and PR tools, there are right and wrong ways to go about it. Let's look at Twitter as an example. Here are some Twitter tips that will help you build better relationships with existing fans […]