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  • How Writers Can Stay Productive Even During Sick Days

    By Jennifer Mattern on January 13, 2014
    So far this year, I've had one normal work day. One. Just a day after returning to work from my holiday break, I needed a sick day. That turned into a "sick week." And it's now going on week two. Surprisingly though, those sick days have still been productive days. I launched several new features here on this site. I published […]
  • There Are No Family Sick Days for Freelancing Moms

    By Rebecca Garland on November 18, 2009
    If you ask a mother who has transitioned to working at home what she misses the most, you’ll get a variety of responses, but a similar theme throughout would be the lack of freedom that she enjoyed working in an office -- ironic to the those desperate to leave the office, but very real indeed to the women who have […]