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  • Your Author Website is Boring: 5 Ways to Fix It

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 6, 2014
    Getting potential readers to visit your author website isn't enough. You need to convince them to stick around long enough to get a feel for you and your books, and hopefully convince them that they want more. Yet many author websites follow a very boring template. Let's look at five ways your author website might be boring visitors and convincing […]
  • 3 Places to Get Great WordPress Themes

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 8, 2011
    There's no question about it. Blogging can be great for your freelance writing business. Your blog can attract clients. You can use it to create a "living" portfolio of your writing. Your blog can highlight your niche expertise. And blogging can connect you to colleagues and prospects you want in your professional network. It can also bring in direct income […]
  • Inspiration: 5 Author Websites That Don’t Suck

    By Jennifer Mattern on April 1, 2011
    We already looked some of the reasons many author websites suck. And I promised I'd highlight a few decent examples that would inspire you to improve your own Web designs (or at least finally set up a site -- I'm amazed by how many indie authors neglect them altogether). This post was supposed to be that list. But let me […]
  • Why Author Websites Suck (and Why Yours Doesn’t Have To)

    By Jennifer Mattern on March 30, 2011
    Authors are notorious for having poorly-designed websites. That's not to say all authors have dated, crappy sites littering the Web. But more in this group do than most others I've come across. Sometimes author site designs are downright frightening, looking like someone formatted some text in Word and slapped it on the Web in the mid to late-90s, never to […]
  • JBlog: Free WordPress Theme

    By Jennifer Mattern on May 4, 2010
    It's time for our next exclusive free WordPress theme release for freelance writers. What does that mean? It means you can only get this theme right here! The design was purchased in full from the designer specially for you! This is a theme from a new designer I haven't purchased from before, so it's a little different than what we've […]