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  • What is an Author Platform?

    By Jennifer Mattern on March 18, 2014
    In my first Busy Author's Guide, I'll cover ways you can build your all-important author platform no matter how much, or how little, time you can invest. What is an author platform? Your author platform is essentially your presence and reach among your target audience. When you have a strong author platform, you have a built-in fan base of people who are […]
  • 30 Ways to Build Your Writer Platform

    By Jennifer Mattern on January 25, 2010
    We already talked about what a writer platform is, but what does (or can) a writer platform actually consist of? Your writer platform probably won't look exactly like mine, and it won't look like those of your colleagues necessarily. There are no tools or tactics that you must use, although there are some that are used more commonly than others. […]
  • The Importance of the Web in Building Your Writer Platform

    By Jennifer Mattern on June 1, 2009
    The Web makes building a writer platform much easier than it would have been years ago, with more of an emphasis required on local networking, securing major media coverage, and setting up speaking engagements. Now in no way am I saying those things aren't still important. The Web just makes them less of a requirement as you have far more […]
  • Get Paid to Build Your Writer Platform

    By Jennifer Mattern on May 25, 2009
    We recently talked about 30 ways to build your writer platform. In that list of things to consider pursuing to build your visibility, you may have noticed that several platform-building techniques have an added bonus--you can get paid for your efforts! This is one of my favorite things about query-free freelancing. Unlike spending a lot of unpaid time writing queries […]