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  • Quick Tip: Make Time for a Mid-Year Writing Goals Evaluation

    By Jennifer Mattern on July 1, 2014
    Can you believe it's July already? I know we say the same thing every year, but time really does seem to fly by. As of today, we kick off the second half of the year. And that is a perfect time for a mid-year check-in on our writing careers. What does a mid-year check-in involve? The idea is to review […]
  • Magazine Writing Goals For 2013 And Beyond

    By Catherine L. Tully on January 7, 2013
    Happy New Year all you writers out there! If you have already been published in print, I wish you more of the same in 2013, and if you haven't yet made it in this arena, may this be your year to shine! Today we're going to talk goal setting for all print writers. I know it sounds basic, but it […]
  • 2009 Freelance Writing Goals: Mid-Year Check-in

    By Jennifer Mattern on July 9, 2009
    At the beginning of the year, we tend to set our freelance writing goals, or resolutions. But sometimes we take a set it and forget it approach. Now that we're in July, we're a bit more than half-way through the year. I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the progress we've all made so far. Take […]
  • Measuring Your Writing Goals

    By Jennifer Mattern on January 18, 2009
    While drafting my current mystery novel, I've set word count goals to keep me focused and chugging along. That basic goal is to write a bare minimum of 500 words per day, five days per week. So far, so good. I've noticed something though--I find myself struggling to hit that 500 word mark. Uh oh. My hope what that at […]