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If you would like to submit a freelance writers' market to the All Indie Writers market directory, you may do so using the form below.

Please note that not all submissions are accepted. I do not publish submissions related to erotica, gambling, drugs, hate of any kind, or any other subject I deem inappropriate for this website. I will not publish any market where freelancers are expected to make any kind of payments to the publisher (such as subscribing to their website or magazine).

I only accept paying writers' markets*, and you should include your pay rates in your description. I also only accept markets with writers' guidelines publicly available online.

These are markets for freelance submissions only (fiction markets may include short stories and flash fiction). Please do not submit book publishers or other types of markets using this form. If you are looking for someone to write for your company, and you're not a writers' market (such as a company seeking a writer for a business newsletter), please submit an ad to the freelance writing job board instead.

Only markets that are currently open for submissions (and that remain open on an ongoing basis) will be considered. 

* I do not currently accept publications focused on the following topics: adult content / erotica, gambling, drugs or pharmaceuticals. I also do not accept markets where there is a clear trend towards hate speech or discrimination against any group of people.

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Please choose the most appropriate category. I reserve the right to move any submission into another category if I feel it's more appropriate. (For example, if you run a blog about parenting and you put it in the parenting section, I might opt to move it to the freelance blogging markets category.) You may only submit a listing under one category.

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Please describe your market briefly. Keep it to one paragraph -- no more than 3-4 sentences. You should include your pay rate information (I only accept paying markets, and rarely add ones without specific pay rates). Also mention average word counts, whether your publication is a print magazine or online publication, and what kinds of topics you accept freelance submissions on.

Link to Public Writers' Guidelines

You must include a link to your publication's writers' guidelines -- NOT a link to your home page or any other page on your website. If you don't publish your writers' guidelines publicly, your submission cannot be accepted into this writers' market directory. If the link you provide goes anywhere else or doesn't properly load, your submission will be rejected.

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