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Your Favorite Freelance Writing Job

on April 6, 2007 in Freelance Writing Jobs

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Looking back at all of your gigs as a freelance writer, did you have a favorite freelance writing job? If so, what was it about the gig that made it your favorite? Here's mine:

My favorite freelance writing gig was actually my lowest-paying one, and I believe my first: I researched and wrote booklets and brochures for a college professor (while I was in college and before I began writing on the Web), which were used in teaching college courses and community groups at events.

I was actually reminded of this gig this past Monday when my boyfriend and I made a trip back to my college to visit an old boss and take her out to lunch (and because I wanted to see the campus changes - it may as well have doubled in size!). While there, I stopped by to visit this professor. He's responsible for the Earth / Space sciences there on campus, and he's an incredibly quirky, fun kind of professor (he's actually the one I'd been wanting to interview for a piece to pitch to Air & Space, and since he agreed if I move forward, I may as well soon do that). Anyway... it was just a lot of fun back then. I had a lot of freedom, learned a lot, just enjoyed every minute of that.

So what's your favorite freelance writing gig?

Thanks for sharing!
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  1. latoya April 7, 2007 Reply

    My favorite has been writing personal finance articles for a client. Being a guide for seems to have potential to be a fave too!

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